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You might be a Baby Boomer if…

It’s the summer of 1946. World War II has been over for nearly nine months. Off in the distance, you hear the faint sound of baby’s crying. No, your ears aren’t fooling you, those are the first cries of the largest generation the United States had ever seen. The baby boomers. Lasting from 1946-1964, this generation is known for leading the fight for social, economic and political freedom for all.

But let’s be honest … baby boomers get a lot of flack from younger generations for things like “not being technologically savvy.” Despite this unfair criticism, they are one of the most successful and free thinking generations we’ve ever seen. Baby boomers saw everything from the assassination of one of our nation’s most beloved presidents to the birth and (much appreciated) death of disco. It’s time to put your true baby boomer status to the test. You might be a baby boomer if:


– You still make the mistake of calling CD’s “records”

– You say things like “that’s good shtuff” (in your best Johnny Carson voice) or “the 70’s were a much groovier time”

– You remember exactly where you were when John F. Kennedy was assassinated

– You wrote all your college papers on a Smith-Corona typewriter

– You’ve told your kids to “go to the library” instead of looking something up online

– You still have a soft spot for bell-bottomed jeans

– You remember TV ending at 1 AM every night with the National Anthem

– You remember hating anybody who had multiple “9’s” in their phone number because you had to break your wrist to turn the dial

– The term “duck and cover” was as common to you as “stop, drop and roll”

– You remember wearing Tangee lipstick

– Your TV took five minutes to warm up


If any of these are true for you, then yes, you ARE a baby boomer. What other baby boomer memories can you relate to? Share yours in the comment box below!

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